Proactive Communication

Social Media Communication

Click here for the Ward 4 Facebook Page

An informed community that is aware of what is happening in your neighborhood and how you can influence it, are essential to good government.  Whether it’s social, educational, or civic, there is plenty happening in our city and our neighborhood that I’ll be communicating on a regular basis to keep us all informed.

That is why I created and actively manage the first ever Facebook Page for our Ward.  Please “like” it to get my regular posts.

Personal Communication

However, social media alone cannot replace personal, one-on-one interaction.  That is important to me and how I have and will continue to help when a resident contacts me for assistance or with questions.  I have personally visited with residents, at their home, to see first-hand the issue they were facing and help to identify a solution.

I can always be reached for issues, opinions or assistance via the following contact methods:

mobile – 773-456-7592


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